App Review: Ghost Radar – Go Real Life Ghost Hunting in Your Own Backyard

melanierivera November 8, 2011 10
App Review: Ghost Radar – Go Real Life Ghost Hunting in Your Own Backyard
I have a lot of serious apps on my iDevices. I have apps for messaging, organization, productivity, all that kind of sensible grown up stuff. But I also have more than a few fun ones and am always looking out for something new and amusing to try out. Ghost Radar by Spud Pickles certainly falls into that category. And for just $0.99 I couldn't resist the chance to see if I could channel my inner Pete Venkman! Sound and Graphics 4/5 If you have ever watch Ghosthunters you know what all the paranormal detectors are supposed to look like. Scientific, slightly spooky and green, very green. And that is exactly the look you get with Ghost Radar so I felt very much like a ghosthunting pro with the app fired up on my iPhone. I really liked the graphics, they did a good job of turning my phone into a very real looking ghost hunting tool, especially when I had the radar screen turned on In terms of sound there really isn't much apart from the spoken voice that gives you your ghost words (which is suitably mechanical) This app is really not about the sound or the graphics though (as I will explain) but Ghost Radar still deserves a 4/5 in this category as its graphics and sound provide just enough to give the app an interestingly realistic feel. Gameplay 5/5 The first version of Ghost Radar came out in 2009 and if you do a quick search on YouTube you will actually find dozens of videos by posted by people describing their experiences with Ghost Radar and there are many such other stories posted to their Facebook page that are quite intriguing as well. (Actually there's even a theme tune now, performed by one Sean Austin, available in the iTunes store) In terms of the basics mechanics fortunately you do not have to be a genius scientist to figure out how this all works. According to the help page Ghost Radar uses the iDevice (it works on good old fashioned iPod Touches as well) to help it detect quantum fluctuations in paranormal activity. The whole explanation was a little techy for me, I wanted to get to actually using the Ghost Radar so that is exactly what I did. I powered up at my desk at home (not a very spooky place but oh well) and set the flux sensitivity to low (it goes from low to high and there are advanced settings as well) because I was in a quiet place and a number of the videos I had seen said that was the best setting for good results. As the Ghost Radar works it presents you with occasional word – messages from the other side some say – but what they mean is up to you to interpret. My radar came up with quite a few words quite quickly but they seemed fairly random. It did tell me about arrows and hats, tents and camps more than once but at the moment I don't see the significance in that. Does make me wonder about the history of the land my house is on though. Might have to report back on that though as many of the people who had posted their experiences on Facebook did not figure out their eerie coincidences until later. Like this post from the page “just got this app, first words, cover, cover, teacher, later, fred, early, mistake, fall, slipped, fred was my brother who died 4 years ago also my dad's name, but years ago at work he fell on something at the job hurt his back, how did it know his name and fall, slipped etc. im shocked. going to get upgraded version” Spooky. Maybe I'll figure out the arrow connection. In terms of record keeping Ghost Radar stores the data from every session so over time you can begin looking for patterns in the words and you can also email your results to someone right from the app. It is very easy to really get hooked on Ghost Radar and I have to admit I began taking it quite seriously, becoming really quite intrigued by what it had to say and what it might all mean. I don't think I've ever seen a ghost but I'm not totally closed to the idea that they might be out there and Ghost Radar really does have me wondering now. Since I can honestly say that I am addicted to figuring out what my ghostly friends are talking about now I have to give Ghost Radar a 5/5 for “gameplay”. Value for Money 5/5 Imagine how much money the Ghostbusters could have saved themselves if the Ghost Radar had been around when they were saving New York City! Would have been able to travel a lot lighter too. But seriously, I think this is the best $0.99 app I have bought for a while and I certainly think I am going to get a lot of use out of it. Summary Whether you believe in ghosts or not I defy you not to get hooked on messing around with the Ghost Radar. In a way its a lot like a oujia board. You play for fun but its kind of scary because sometimes some rather strange stuff happens...... Source:
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