Game Review: Hangman RSS – A Simple Classic Gets a Whole New Twist

melanierivera March 7, 2012 0
Game Review: Hangman RSS – A Simple Classic Gets a Whole New Twist
I, like most others in the world, have been playing hangman for about as long as I can remember. And yes, I have installed (and uninstalled) a number of different hangman apps on and off my various iDevices over the years. So when I was asked to review Hangman RSS by Finger Arts I can’t say I was that excited. Its hangman - big whoop. At that time though I had not actually bothered to download the app yet, or even read the description in the App Store. I was just sulking a bit, wondering how I was going to make a review about YET ANOTHER hangman app even vaguely interesting. But I’d got to try anyway... Then I actually went to the App Store to get the game. A quick scan through the description and I was excited about Hangman RSS and could not wait to get started on a game. Excited about a hangman app, why the heck would that be? Well, if you read on you will find out.... Graphics and Sound - 3.5/5 The graphics are definitely NOT what had me so excited about playing this game. Hangman is not supposed to have great graphics. A stick man hanging off a stick scaffold, that is all you need. The visuals in Hangman RSS as very simple - a stick man hanging of a stick scaffold - but the subtle color layout and the big bold letters (the ones you have to choose from) are actually very good looking and do add something to the game. The only sound accompanies the game is when you get a letter right or wrong. But this is hangman, you don’t need sound! Hangman RSS gets a 3.5 out of 5 in this category. Gameplay  5/5: OK, so now to just what piqued my interest. Hangman RSS - does the name give you a clue? The game pulls its challenges from RSS feeds from various different Internet news outlets - everything from serious stuff from Reuters to light hearted fare from People magazine and a great deal in between - and you have to guess the word - or words once you go past the easy level - that are missing from the headline. When a new challenge loads you are also shown a search snippet that relates to the headline you are trying to guess. The higher the level, the less helpful the snippet is though and because the game developers did not write the headline or the snippet some of them can be downright confusing and are actually best ignored. Another wrinkle on the way to successfully guessing a headline is that if you are faced with multiple mystery words they populate separately so there may indeed be an “e” in both (or all) words but you have to take each word one by one. Really Hangman RSS is a test of two skills in one - how well informed you are and how got you are guessing the right letters if you have no clue! Playing the game I found that once in a while I had seen something about the story and guessing the missing headline was rather easy. Other challenges left me with a score of “dead” fairly quickly though. You can keep track of all your high scores within the app and you can also share them with either Open Feint or Game Center if you want to see how you are stacking up against everyone else. If you get a really good run going (my best so far is 12 on medium if you want to try and beat it) then you can post to either your Facebook or Twitter page - or both - to brag about your genius right away. I also found that there was one more rather cool extra benefit to be gained from playing Hangman RSS . Now I like to think I am a fairly well informed person, I read my fair share of newspaper (albeit online) and rarely miss the 10 O’Clock News. But because Hangman RSS pulls its content from so many different sources as I play it (and I have been playing it quite a bit) I come across interesting headlines that I know nothing about - stories that I am then compelled to look up and find out more about. So I am expanding my world knowledge while killing a bit of spare time challenging the old gray matter - not bad eh? Value for Money  5/5 - You can currently download Hangman RSS from the App Store free so the value for money aspect does not necessarily come into the equation. There are ads of course but to be honest I really was able to pat them very little attention and they did not interfere with my enjoyment of the game at all. Summary - So much for a boring app - Hangman RSS has actually become one of my favorite quick time wasters. Except its not a time waster. I really have seen news that I may have missed - and found very interesting - just because I saw the headline in Hangman RSS. It has now replaced the old hangman app I had on my iPhone (can’t actually remember now which one that was) and I am actually rather glad that I was assigned a “boring” app to review after all - because Hangman RSS is anything but.           Source:  
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