Game Review: Patchworld: Craft & Create Your World with Lexie Cut

elizabethlangley November 10, 2011 5
Game Review: Patchworld: Craft & Create Your World with Lexie Cut
Get your creativity hat on: Patchworld, another game creation by Egg Ball, has just been released on iTunes. And this time your imagination is what wins the game. Join the main character, Lexie Cut, as she includes you in her busy life, touring the world. Cut out various shapes to create the pieces of Lexie Cut’s life. Together with fine graphics and a very unique gameplay, Patchworld gets a rating of 3/5. Graphics & Sound (4/5) Patchworld’s graphics are as varied and distinctive as the game itself is. Numerous colors, patterns, and textures are presented on the papers which you cut out to make up Lexie Cut’s world. Colors vary from bright and bold to soft and muted. Lexie herself is a vivacious character, with bright red hair, freckles, and big eyes. Her personality comes alive through her own Even with all the graphic variety, all the pages load quickly and without any crashes or hesitations. The scissors move smoothly with your tracing finger. And your paper-crafted work turns animated, as it bounces across the screen. The scissors make a quiet cutting sound as you trace out the shapes, and the paper shapes appear with an exclamation and stars. Lexie’s high-pitched voice is excited as you help her turn her world full of color. Great graphics and cute sounds give Patchworld a 4/5. Gameplay (3/5) Figuring out how to play Patchworld is simple. Getting good at it is the challenge that will keep you playing the game. Your goal is to cut out all the shapes which coordinate with each level of Lexie Cut’s world. After you have completed a round, you will be graded on a percentage. A high enough percentage and you receive one of the four puzzle pieces attached to each category. Fortunately, you can repeat a level until you can be awarded the puzzle piece. There are eleven levels, including a few bonus rounds. They include subjects such as crafting Lexie’s boat, taking her on a tour of the world, and changing up her wardrobe. Depending on how well you pass each level, you achieve followers. The more followers, the better your creativity is! Once you get used to the game, challenge your skills and your speed with a time attack mode, and see if your skills are good enough under pressure. Using your fingers as scissors and your creative brain is the key to winning this game, which comes in with a gameplay of 3/5. Storyline (4/5) Jump into Lexie Cut’s world of colors, shapes, and patterns--completely created by you! As each shape appears on the screen, it is your job to trace the dotted lines as closely as possible. This cuts the shape out and ultimately leads to completing part of Lexie’s life. Such as a boat, a new outfit, famous paintings, or landmarks around the world. Depending on how steady your finger scissors are, and how good you are tracing the shapes depends on how Lexie Cut’s objects turn out--and what score you get at the end of each level. A completely unique storyline, giving it a rating of 4/5. Value for money (3/5) Patchworld is a game very unique to iTunes. If you have steady fingers and enjoy being creative with colors and shapes, this app is definitely worth the $1.99 price tag. It is especially great for children who are learning eye/hand coordination, as the colorful graphics will appeal to their tastes but it will also help them use Apple technology by using their fingers to make detailed navigations on the screen. However, if you are looking for an intense gameplay challenge, Patchworld could be a little expensive just to download to try, giving it a value for money a 3/5 rating. Summary Lexie Cut’s bubbly personality motivates you to create the most out of Patchworld. Travel the world with her and join in all her adventures while exercising your own imagination. Source:
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