How to Get Music from a CD onto your iPhone

Mick September 26, 2011 1
How to Get Music from a CD onto your iPhone
Introduction Apart from the ability to ring people using an iPhone, the next reason why most people buy iPhones is because they can play music. When people choose to buy an iPhone, they realize that it is much more efficient to have an MP3 player and a Phone all in one device, because otherwise they’d have to carry around both their iPod Touch and their phone at all times. That’s the beauty of the iPhone, but it’s not much use having the ability to play music if you don’t know how to get music onto your iPhone. There are a few ways to do it: via the iTunes store or via importing a CD. It doesn’t cost you money to import CDs (except it costs money to buy them) but downloading a track from iTunes usually costs around $1 - $2.20. Read on to learn how to get music onto your iPhone the quickly and efficiently. Instructions Open up iTunes Insert your CD into your computer’s DVD drive. A dialogue box will appear asking you if you want to import the CD into your iTunes library. Click Yes to import the CD. Note: If no box appears, look down on the bottom right for the option that says Import CD and click that to manually import your CD. Straight away the importing process should start. Towards the top of iTunes, the box with the apple in the middle will change to an Importing box and within this box will be the time remaining for a song to finish importing. The tracks in the CD will either have a “squiggly white line inside an orange circle” or a “white tick inside a green circle”. The “squiggly line” means that the song is currently importing whereas the “tick” means that the song has already been imported. Note: You will know that your CD has finished importing when every track has a green tick next to it. Now that your CD has finished importing, click the eject button next to the CD title on iTunes’ left-hand menu. Plug your iPhone into your computer using the white USB cable. When your device appears under the Devices heading, click on it and then select the Music tab near the top of iTunes (not on the left-hand menu). Scroll down a bit until you reach Albums and tick the album you just imported. Now, to save you changes and copy the music onto your iPhone, click the Apply button on the bottom right corner. Note: Make sure you have Sync Music ticked as well (see below). The top section of iTunes will once again turn into a Syncing progress bar which will show you which songs are being copied onto your iPhone. Once this section says iPhone Sync is complete. OK to Disconnect, click the button next to your iPhone to safely eject it from your computer. Summary It’s fairly simple to get music from a CD onto your iPhone, and the great thing about this process is that it allows you to import CDs you’ve already purchased onto your iPhone instead of having to purchase everything from the iTunes store.  
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