Japanese case for iPad 2 turns it into full netbook

applefan April 7, 2012 0
Japanese case for iPad 2 turns it into full netbook
A new notebook case for the iPad 2 has been announced from a distributor in Japan, offering a tactile, MacBook Pro-like "chiclet" keyboard and styling to resemble a netbook. The unit allows both the keyboard and the iPad to be charged using an optional multi-headed connector and includes a standard USB port. The combination case, which is also offered via Amazon Japan, is made of silicone rather than metal for lighter weight. The unit sells for around $75 US and includes a USB cable (the multi-head charging cable that can also charge the iPad is sold separately and is not required). The keyboard's battery is rated for about 55 hours of use and requires four to five hours to recharge. The case is custom-designed to fit the iPad 2 (2011) only and will not fit the third-generation iPad. The developers have even posted a picture (below) of the iPad in-case alongside a MacBook Pro to emphasise the deliberate design similarities. Source
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