Top 5 Game Apps For Passing Time On The Train

Mick December 10, 2011 0
Top 5 Game Apps For Passing Time On The Train
Introduction Long trips on public transport services, such as busses and trains, can be extremely boring when you don’t have anything to entertain yourself. A device with some great, addictive, time-wasting apps available to be downloaded is the iPhone, and this all-in-one device is the perfect thing for passing time on the train – in fact, playing one of your favourite apps on your iPhone not only passes time but makes it seem to fly! There are hundreds of awesome time-wasting iPhone apps available to be downloaded, but here are the 5 that will absorb you so completely that you will arrive at your destination thinking the trip only took minutes! In no particular order, Shoot the Birds, Jelly Defence, Geometry Wars: Touch, Muffin Knight and Paper Toss 2.0 are 5 of the best game apps for passing time on the train. Read on to find out why. Shoot the Birds Shoot the Birds, by Infinite Dreams, is an app which is based on the old classic computer game where you control an archer and shoot down as many birds as possible. This app, however, is ten times more addictive than any other bird shooting game because of its superb graphics, gripping gameplay and challenging levelling-up concept. In Shoot the Birds, you control a pumpkin-headed archer who must rid his crops of pesky birds such as crows and geese. This game’s concept is based on the popular app Tiny Wings – the game ends when the sun sets, and the more accurate and skilful you are, the longer the day lasts. The levelling up system is objective based – when you complete 3 challenges, your score multiplier is permanently increased by 2x. This app is completed by the graphics – they are so amazingly polished that you will never get sick of Shoot the Birds. This app was just recently released, so there are definitely improvements and new features to come in the future. It only costs 99 cents, and for this insignificant price, you will get the perfect time-wasting app for passing long hours on the train. Jelly Defence The App Store is currently overloaded with hundreds of junky tower defence games which give this genre a bad name. Jelly Defence, however, is the most creative, addictive and polished tower defence game to ever be released for iPhone – in many ways, Bloons Tower Defence doesn’t even compare to this app! In Jelly Defence, you place jelly towers (which are constantly animated) on the edges of a path to shoot and destroy the enemy jellies. The twist, however, is that certain coloured jelly towers only feel inclined to shoot an enemy jelly of the same colour. This tower defence app is one of the most challenging yet awesome apps for iPhone, and it will pass many an hour on the train. At $2.99, this app is a steal, because besides from its amazing, top quality graphics, this app’s gameplay is some of the best you will ever play on an Apple device! Geometry Wars: Touch For all Xbox 360 owners, Geometry Wars will be a very familiar name! As the name suggests Geometry Wars: Touch is an iPhone version of the latest Xbox 360 version. You’d think that playing this classic console game on an iPhone would be quite a challenge, but as someone who has played both versions, I would say that the game is easier to play and generally better on iPhone. As for the game concept, one of the most original ideas ever implemented into a game, you are a ship which has to shoot a variety of different enemy shapes before they charge into you. This may sound a bit stupid, but when you see how each of the more than 20 shapes behaves differently and looks unique, you’ll start realising just how awesome Geometry Wars: Touch truly is! Each of the 7 different game modes is fun and addictive, and perhaps the most popular is Pacifism. In this mode, your ship doesn’t have a gun and you just fly through randomly spawning electrical gates setting off shape-killing explosions. It’s impossible to explain how extraordinarily amazing this game is, just watch the trailer and then download it for 99 cents for playing on the train. Muffin Knight Despite its abstract sort of a name, Muffin Knight is actually an astonishingly great app for passing time. The aim of the game is to retrieve as many stolen muffins as possible from the enemies. It’s the only game of its kind currently on the App Store – you start off as a knight, but when you retrieve a muffin, you change into another character – for instance, an animal with a shotgun or a unicorn with lethal poop! This fast gameplay makes for an addictive, challenging platform game which is great for passing long hours on a train. Muffin Knight is well worth the 99 cents, so do yourself a favour and download it without delay! Paper Toss 2.0 We’ve all heard of the famous app for iPhone, Paper Toss, but not everybody knows that there is a sequel! Paper Toss 2.0 has the same great gameplay as the original game but so many more extra features. For example, in Paper Toss 2.0, instead of always chucking paper, you can chuck bananas and grenades, and you can throw these projectiles at your co-workers if you want! What fun! Make sure you get this great app while it’s still free! Summary Everyone agrees that long trips are very boring without entertainment. There are some great apps for iPhone, however, which can help pass the time. Five of the best time wasters are Shoot the Birds, Jelly Defence, Geometry Wars: Touch, Muffin Knight and Paper Toss 2.0, so if you’re someone who uses public transport a lot, download some of these great value for money apps today!
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