Top 5 Movie Making Apps for iPhone

Mick September 22, 2011 6
Top 5 Movie Making Apps for iPhone

Movie making apps on the iPhone are becoming so advanced that there isn’t really any need to buy an expensive $500 camera and rip-off $450 video editing studio if you have an iPhone. Most movie making apps only cost around $3 on the iPhone, and although they don’t have the sort of editing and enhancing options as computer software, they do the job very well. However, this being said, not all movie making apps are up to the standard of iMovie or ReelDirector, so read on to find the 3 other movie making apps that combine with iMovie and ReelDirector to form the top 5 movie making apps for iPhone.

  1. iMovie


    Perfect movie making app for iPhone

    iMovie is the perfect movie making app for iPhone apart from one flaw – it’s only compatible with the latest versions of the iPad (2nd Gen), iPhone (4th Gen) and iPod touch (4th Gen). This is really disappointing because it means that only a select group of people with the latest gear can use iMovie – not people who have an old iPhone and who have loved it for years. Anyway, if you have the latest iPhone, you’re really lucky, because for only $5 you get a movie making app with 8 different professionally-looking themes; the ability to record audio directly into the timeline and add sound effects, video, music and photos; and the feature of publishing in HD directly from iMovie onto sites such as YouTube, Facebook Vimeo, and CNN iReport. When you have iMovie installed on your iPhone, you’ve pretty much turned it into a professional movie making studio for only $5. This calibre of software would cost $100+ on PC, so don’t be dissuaded by the price tag. iMovie gives true names to the terms video editing and movie making for portable devices, and it’s a must-have app for anyone who wants to make and professionally edit movies on their iPhone.

  2. Video Edit

    Video Edit

    Trades features for speed

    Video Edit is a unique movie making app for iPhone because it trades features for speed. Even though it has significantly fewer customizability options than iMovie, Video Edit runs, edits and compiles movies 10 times faster. Not everyone has the time to spend hours editing a movie on their iPhone, and Video Edit makes it possible to make a great video in a few minutes. Adding to this, Video Edit has a feature which allows you to simply and quickly upload videos to YouTube and Facebook directly from your iPhone. Furthermore, Video Edit has the potential to render movies at an astounding HD 1280 x 720 resolution on the iPhone 4. This app isn’t just for making movies quickly, however, because there are still some really cool effects and editing techniques available for use in Video Edit. Its extraordinary speed combined with its useful range of video editing options make Video Edit the movie making solution for people who want to make movies quickly then upload them easily to YouTube or Facebook. Video Edit costs a mere $3 and is truly deserving of its place as one of the top 5 movie making apps for iPhone.

  3. CinemaFX for Video

    Effects effects effects

    CinemaFX for Video is by far the best app available on the Apple Store for adding effects to your movies. It’s a great compliment to Movie Maker or Video Edit as it has more video effects than both combined – 55 in total! Greatly enhancing their use, up to 3 effects can be used at once. A seriously useful app, CinemaFX for Video is definitely one of the top 5 movie making apps for iPhone – especially for adding effects to your already-compiled movies – and it only costs $3.

  4. ReelDirector

    Over 25 amazing and unique transitions

    Once again, ReelDirector is one of the best movie making apps for a select group of people – ones with an iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4, or iPad 2. Where ReelDirector really excels is in the field of effects – it has over 25 amazing and unique transitions. Furthermore, your finished movies render in the background, giving true meaning to the word multi-tasking. It’s definitely one to have a look at – a cheaper alternative to iMovie costing only $2.

  5. Splice – Video Editor

    Great user interface

    Splice is a movie making software with the best user interfaces. It is so simple to use due to the fact that all the menu option are neatly arranged. You can add border, music and sound effects to your movies, but the bad thing about Splice is that you have to pay for sound effects. Splice just scrapes into the top 5 movie making apps for iPhone, costing $4.


Some movie making apps are better than others.  The 5 best ones made it into this list because they all have something unique to offer. For example, Video Edit is really fast; Splice has beautiful user interfaces; iMovie has amazing movie themes; ReelDirector has a huge range of transition effects; and CinemaFX for Video has over 55 video effects. They’re all relatively cheap, so download the one that sounds best for you today.

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